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Historic Hand Dug Well

Working without the benefit of modern machinery, using only picks and shovels, as many as forty men labored through the winter months and into early spring of 1914 to construct the city water well.


Problems arose when the aquifer was inadequate and therefore the life of the well was premature and it served as a dumping ground for many years.  The original  pump house for the well was dismantled with each stone being numbered and moved by horse and wooden wagon to the corner of Main and 2nd Street where it was re-assembled and now serves as the city hall for Westmoreland. 

From Westmoreland's downtown, 1/2 mile north on K-99 (Dechairo Park). Built in 1914, this well is reputedly one of the largest remaining hand-dug wells in the United States. It's 29 feet in diameter and 38 feet deep. 

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 We are proud of our Hand Dug Well, here in Westmoreland. It is considered the second largest hand-dug well in the world! 

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