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Cochrun House - earliest surviving residence in Westmoreland (1882)
J.H. Cooper residence (1883)
M.E. Beal residence (1885)
H. L. Gard residence (1883)
Elizabeth McKee residence (1895)
Grand Army of the Republic building - now a private residence (1885)


Pottawatomie Courthouse 
This building is the second oldest courthouse in the state of Kansas and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Former Westmoreland Grade School - This building now serves as the Pottawatomie County Office Building.

The Old Robson Brothers Department Store 
Old Star Drugstore
Old Reyers Jewelry Store
Gas Lamp in Mini Park
Shriners Loan Office (1883)
City Meat Market (1885)
City Hall - formerly a pump house for the hand-dug well
Entrance Pillars to Legion Park

Kansas Pacific Railway Train of empty stock cars at Junction City, Kansas.jpg
  • 1800's   The area was inhabited by Kansa and Pawnee Indians

  • 1819     Pioneers began traveling through the area while following the Oregon Trail

  • 1855     The first settlers arrived in Westmoreland

  • 1856      A petition was drawn up asking the Legislature to create Pottawatomie County

  • 1857      The petition for a new county was granted

  • 1858      John McKimens established the first post office

  • 1860      The first house in the area now known as Westmoreland was erected

  • 1862       Westmoreland's school district was organized and began holding classes

  • 1870       A sawmill was built which furnished lumber for most of the early buildings in the area

  • 1871       The original town plat was prepared

  • 1882       Westmoreland was established as the county seat

  • 1884       Residents generated $10,000 to build the courthouse

  • 1886       Westmoreland began to become a railroad town

  • 1898       After several attempts, bonds were passed to establish a rail line, the Kansas and Southern Railroad

  • 1902       The Kansas and Southern Railroad went bankrupt

  • 1912       The Westmoreland Interurban Railway began

  • 1915       The owner of the Westmoreland Interurban Railway died tragically and the railway was sold for scrap iron

  • 1942       Dr. Thomas Dechairo opened the first hospital in Westmoreland on March 15

  • 1975        The Westmoreland Community Care Home was opened

  • 1982         The Dechairo Hospital merged with Stormont Vail in Topeka

  • 2013         The new Pottawatomie County Justice Center was opened


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