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April - October
Tuesday - Sunday
1:00-4:00 p.m.
Also open by appointment all year

Rock Creek Valley Historical Society

The Rock Creek Valley Historical Society's museums and historical sites share the rich history of the first settlers of Westmoreland.  Our museum and accompanying sites share all that these settlers endured while creating their own legacies, and the stories that continue to be shared and preserved for generations to come. 

These early settlers in the historic Rock Creek Valley and on the Oregon Trail found a vast and breath-taking prairie site in which to plant their roots: Westmoreland and the Rock Creek Valley. Their stories of adventure, steadfast perseverance, industriousness, survival, sense of community and tradition are told here at the Rock Creek Valley Historical Society's Museum Complex.

​Their adventures were definitely worthwhile. We exist in order to preserve and share their stories.

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"Inside of us, we all carry the people, the stories and the treasures of those ​who came before us.

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